LEOcauses is a main sponsor for a school being built in Nepal, through the United World Schools (UWS) charity. This is a charity which is dedicated to providing education for some of the world’s poorest children, in the remotest areas. In Nepal, there are over 90,000 primary-level children who are out of school. In the words of UWS:

In rural villages, educational provision is extremely basic or non-existent. Although school buildings often do exist, they are typically poorly resourced, often in very basic condition and not always fit-for-purpose. The 2015 earthquake only worsened the situation, with the limited educational facilities in place being severely damaged or destroyed completely.

The school that LEOcauses has supported has been built in Hile, a remote area of Nepal. With this project, we are pleased to be bringing children closer to the higher standard of education that they need in order to harness their potential.