LEOcauses is always looking for opportunities to assist people in need all over the world.

We heard about an interesting project providing education in a safe environment for Syrian refugee children in Jordan.

This sounded like such a great idea that we decided to go and visit, to learn more and see how we could best contribute to the project.

En route, we drove past Zaatari refugee camp, which houses 76,000 Syrian refugees – this is only 20% of all Syrian refugees in Jordan and the remaining 80% live in the desert.

We then continued on to the school, which is situated in north-east Zaatari, only 6 km from the Syrian border. This is a restricted area and we were advised by the UK embassy not to go there because of the risk of small arms fire and stray mortars. Also, terrorist groups, including Jabhat al-Nusra and Daesh, formerly known as ISIL, are present in the Syrian border areas and routinely use kidnapping as a tactic.

The school is called the White Hands School and provides education and a safe environment for Syrian refugee children, who are not accepted into the Jordanian school system. The school uses a Jordanian curriculum, with the aim that the children could, if they are able to one day, join a Jordanian state-funded school to continue their education and have the hope of a better future.

As well as the main building and the three caravan classrooms, the school also includes a further three tented classrooms, situated in the desert only 2 km from the Syrian border, making it possible for over 500 children to receive education.

By now, you will see why LEOcauses is keen to support the running of the White Hands School for Syrian refugee children in Jordan. They are in an extremely vulnerable position and the purpose of the school is to continue the education of the children to give them a better future. This is in line with the LEOcauses ethos, that everyone deserves a right to education and a chance to improve their lives through this.